Nutrition Advice

Proper nutrition doesn’t mean starving, intense diets and only eating salads. It means getting the right nutrients in your body that make you feel energized and saturated throughout the day. By changing your nutrition step by step, we are working towards a healthy lifestyle that doesn’t feel like a diet.

Weight Loss

How many times have you tried to lose weight and failed? Or succeeded but regained it right after? Time to do it right this time. With workouts that are safe, efficient and fun and the right nutrition you will lose weight in no time.


Jump higher, run faster, be stronger. Become the next level with sport specific training created for athletes and people who just want to be better than the rest.

Mental Health

Physical health is only half of the equation. We specialize in optimizing mental health through an in-depth neurotransmitter assessment that will tell us exactly in what area we have to start. Combining the right supplements with the guidance of our Psychologist with Master’s degree means guaranteed success.

Mental boost

Since I started training with Sander I feel a real emotional change. I concentrate better again, less mental fatigue, better memory and less emotional pressure. After several years of anxiety attacks, I can finally feel that the old me is back.

Ellen Valkeniers

Amazing results

I would definitely recommend Sander as PT. We booked amazing results in just a couple of months thanks to his incredible level of professionalism and motivation. His knowledge on power training is very usefull and he will adapt his training to all your goals. Not only training but a great deal is focussed on recovery. All of this is done in a very personal and friendly way of working. I will be coming back!

Alexander Goovaerts

Great results

I'm truly fitter, stronger and healthier than I've ever been. Sander brings out your full potential and is incredibly good at assessing your posture, your problem areas and beneficial stretching.

Maria Paiu

Top trainer

You'll be sweating a lot, but Sander will never exceed your limits irresponsibly. He knows how to tailor the coaching to suit the person he is working with. You are sure to get the best for your investment if you visit Sander today!

Nienke Nijdam

Fun in Fitness

If you want to train in an extremely pleasant yet intense way, I would like to recommend Sander. I still exercise fairly regularly, but I wasn't interested at all in fitness. Sander however, succeeds incredibly in bringing fitness and personal training in a very pleasant way, without losing track of your personal goals.

Yves Van Durme


Sander dedicates 200% of his effort to his clients as he loves celebrating their success.

Anuj Zaveri - Marathon and Viking-run finisher

Looking for a

Personal Trainer?

The time to change your life is now. Let me guide you to your best potential by combining fun and effectiveness without risking injuries.

As a Certified Personal Trainer I will help you decide, commit and succeed. All while making sure you stay motivated and focussed on the goals we set together. Because between you and me? You are my favourite already. And I don’t say that to everyone.



Sander (°1993) started his sports journey as a little kid. By doing several sports, from football to boxing, he developed a growing passion for progress and Strength and Conditioning that he wanted to share with others. With a Sports Management degree to his name, he started his fitness career as a Fitness Coach in Antwerp in 2016. Since then he never stopped learning and completed multiple certifications (YHA, ACE, CSCS) to specialize in one to one training and athletes. Thanks to this solid foundation he developed all the skills necessary to travel with his clients to their physical and mental destination.

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Time to turn those biceps into guns and your legs into missiles. Let’s make you a fucking TANK.
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