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Remember when you said ‘In summer 2020 I want a body that is ready to rock the summer’? The winter has been long gone and maybe something prevented you from reaching that goal. Maybe you were on track but that damned Corona-virus messed up your rhythm and motivation. Or maybe it finally gave you some time to spend on yourself.

You might have your own reasons why you decided to read this caption. But in the end, you are not ready to give up on this Summer just yet or you would’ve just continued scrolling. Since all the gyms are closed right now, we have no choice but to use what we have access to. After a free 30 min face-to-face intake, we will firstly be taking a look at the workout equipment in your possession. A complete and optimal training program will be created, which will be executed virtually together with the coach according to the chosen package. The concept exists of three 30 min HIIT workouts that works on the principle of EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption). The high intensity workout causes a boost in calorie burning even hours after your training, which makes 90 minutes a week all you need. Combine this with nutritional tweaks et voilà, the beach is yours! E-mail me at info@sanderpaelinck.be or DM me on Instagram (@sanderpaelinck) to book your free intake.

What is included?



849 euro (excl btw)
  • 10 week virtual personal training
  • Personal face-to-face training through Skype on every workout (3 x 30 min/week) with your own timeslot for optimal routine building
  • 100% injury free training
  • Fun and engaging
  • Guaranteed result
  • 5 times less likely to drop out
  • Your household can join the program!
  • Face-to-face nutritional advice


249 euro (excl btw)
    DM proof of every workout on WhatsApp or post it on Instagram stories with mention @sanderpaelinck
  • 10 week online training
  • Online nutritional advice (WhatsApp)

* You can motivate yourself to do three high intensity workouts of 30 minutes per week with max effort.