'Better results than I ever expected!'

All-round coaching with great attention to detail! Well-being was also monitored and if an exercise did not feel right (back pain), we always found a solution. I got the maximum out of the training without being too 'tired' or put under too much pressure. Great sessions in which I was always welcomed with a smile! I am happy that I have chosen to start training with Sander and thanks to him I have achieved amazing results, better than I had ever expected. I would recommend his service to anyone, no matter what your goal is.

'Sander raises the bar'

Sander teaches you to be proud of your achievements which makes me look forward to the next training. Sander has an answer to every question. With personalized guidance, he gives you the tools thrive in life, physically and mentally. Thank you, Sander!

'The reason I believe in a Personal Trainer'

Sander is the reason why I believe in a Personal Trainer. He coaches both physically and mentally starting at the core. I really enjoy his company because of his gentle, dedicated approach and his knowledge of your personal needs in training.
Café Costume

'Mental boost'

Since I started training with Sander I feel a real emotional change. I concentrate better again, less mental fatigue, better memory and less emotional pressure. After several years of anxiety attacks, I can finally feel that the old me is back.
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'Amazing results!'

I would definitely recommend Sander as PT. We booked amazing results in just a couple of months thanks to his incredible level of professionalism and motivation. His knowledge on power training is very usefull and he will adapt his training to all your goals. Not only training but a great deal is focussed on recovery. All of this is done in a very personal and friendly way of working. I will be coming back!

'Fitter than I've ever been!'

I'm truly fitter, stronger and healthier than I've ever been. Sander brings out your full potential and is incredibly good at assessing your posture, your problem areas and beneficial stretching.

'The best personal trainer you can get.'

Sander is the best personal trainer you can get. His training is always customized and he is not only giving attention to the physical part but also the mental part. He is patient and motivates in a way that fits you; customized. I am very satisfied about the way he works and the results. I can strongly recommend him as personal trainer. As a person he is very kind, understanding and patient. Thank you!

'Fun in Fitness'

If you want to train in an extremely pleasant yet intense way, I would like to recommend Sander. I still exercise fairly regularly, but I wasn't interested at all in fitness. Sander however, succeeds incredibly in bringing fitness and personal training in a very pleasant way, without losing track of your personal goals.

'200% effort towards his clients'

Sander dedicates 200% of his effort to his clients as he loves celebrating their success.
Marathon Finisher

'Recovered from hernia'

Sander is a highly driven trainer who always motivates you to go further. He helps you in all areas needed to achieve your goals. We started with rehab from a hernia in my back which has been bothering me for a while. With the right exercises he allowed me to fully train again in a short period of time. Thank you!

'Definitely recommended'

It is very nice to train with Sander. Besides the fact that he is very knowledgeable and knows what he is talking about, he is also very dedicated and involved. He has the necessary knowledge to motivate you. He takes physical ailments into account and pushes you to be able to do that little extra (without physical pain). The training session flew by with the necessary piece of humor. It is definitely recommended!

'Finally visible results!'

Finally visible results! I already tried everything before but without any success. Thank you very much for the expert guidance Sander!

'Never thought I could do this!'

The moment I asked Sander for help with my weight loss, I never thought I would go through such a transformation. After a free intake, it soon became clear that Sander was the man for the job. It was therefore not surprising that I achieved my goals effectively. But I was surprised that I was able to achieve this earlier than expected and for that I am Sander eternally grateful. The results were a team effort. Without those tough but very rewarding training sessions and motivation, I would not have been where I am now, 15 kilos lighter and 50 cm thinner! And maybe more important, confident in my own skin and ready to continue working on my body.

'Absolutely recommended!'

My husband and I worked with Sander for a year and despite very different goals (weight loss - muscle building), he guided us both perfectly. At Sander you can count on constant follow-up and adjustment where necessary, and this not only during the training itself. If needed, a tailor-made nutritional plan is made and he even puts a lot of focus on mental well-being. Absolutely recommended!